David Hosley Jr.

by David Hosley

I remember..
When we would hop on shoulders and chicken fight,
Race down the street and stay up all night,
Called cops and jello shots led to shit talk and sweat drops,

I remember..
Laying up with deep pillow talk,
Listening to the rain watching you drift off,
Summer slights lead to cold hearted fights,
Then we lay down and make it right,

I remember..
Working it out and putting our problems last,
I came first for you, but I was still making the regrets of my past
You made the shit I did feel so significant,
I just wasnt ready to be that man.


David Hosley
DOC #1701222

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  1. hey david you might not remember me but I’m one of your exes from middle school jazzmin rosario and i wanna know some things that happen i use to live by sanders on darrignton court and i really wanna talk to you idk if you see this but when you do answer this if you can if not i will write you


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