Dana Gray

by Dana Gray

TO: Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House:

I am a lifer, an LWOP actually, at CCWF in CA. I have watched your supervision and guidance of the House in concern regarding the impeachment of Pres. Trump. I just wanted to tell you I am proud and relieved that the USA has a woman of such strength and courage leading the House. I admire and respect all you do and wanted to thank you for all you have done and are doing to save the integrity of our country.

Pres. Trump scares me worse than many of the murders I am around here in prison. I have been incarcerated for 26 years and have worked on my life crime insight and recovery for many years now. I have identified my distorted thinking and have made every effort and continue to do so, of correcting the character defects and have become a better (and safer) person. It takes a willingness and deep humility to examine my actions, decisions, pathological thinking I exhibited during my crimes. It has been emotionally and mentally taxing, but the growth I have achieved is phenomenal. If only Pres. Trump could go thru such an honesty to take responsibiity and be painfully truthful with our country about his actions I would have some respect. As it stands, he is no better than the lowest criminal who blames everyone else for his actions and sociopathically believes he is righteous in all he does.

Please share my sentiments with your collegues. it is important to me that they know that even an LWOP who has committed the most heinous of crimes can see the criminal thinking our Pres. exhibits. How can we as a society grow and how can those of us that have committed crime rehabilitate in the fullest sense when the leader of our country sets the example that crime and blatent lying is acceptable? It breaks my heart the message he is sending to our future generations.

thank you for your time and consideration.


Dana Gray
DOC #W76776

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