Davin Wallace

2020 Year of Vision & Pushing Thru, by Davin L. Wallace

God will order your steps & bless your journey. But u got to put one foot forward. Meaning you got to fill out the application & go to the interview; start saving the money for the house; show up at the gym ready to work; put down the sweets, bread & late night snacks; say I love you, I apologize and or I forgive you first in the relationship even if its not your fault. We not waiting on God, God waiting on us. Somebody may think I am intentionally talking to them, but I assure you I’m not, but God is. Take your steps & keep walking regardless how hard it may get at times. Just know u started it for an ultimate goal that looks way better than where u quit or wherever u never started. In addition what use is it to start the quit in the middle after putting in work & sweat. That was time & effort wasted almost as bad as never trying. Make this a year of pushing thru, if its one thing at a time or multitasking.

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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