Dwayne Walker


The blood I bleed, came from a seed that thought dope was his only need/ the need for speed, gave the greed to not remember me/ after the nights of fights/ I rode my bike until he sold my bike for a price that ended up in a crack pipe/ that only built the anger, that controlled the banger, and had no mercy in my eyes/ late nights, to gun fights, to locked up in the city jail, didn’t get to me/ as the dude that bleed, is all I seen, then put out his misery/then made a man in a field, where four walls was my only shield/ hoping that I get that second chance/ visionalizing my mother, as I walk through them exit doors/ but still stuck in the gutta/ counting 3,285 days I’ve spent, and I still haven’t seen my dad or older brother/ as I speak about this, the anger rises, so give me a minute, and let my mind escape the blood violence/ I’m tired of pretending, of showing an image, that I know I’m not/ my daughter gettin’ older, giving me the cold shoulder/ but I’m trying, I’m trying, I’m trying/ tired of crying, laying under the streets/ because I felt I let my little girl down, as that beat continues to repeat/ relationships built on telephones, letters, and visits, lookin at her new cheerleader moves, as I’m chair sittin’/ thinkin what I could of did different, as an prison bid was never in my mental vision/ continuing to walk these steps, of my time living/ took five shots, hollow tips, and still lookin at the sky for blessings and forgiveness/ remembering a little girl need me more than these dudes stresses/ more then gettin pictures on jpay of females out there parting in little dresses/ the blood I bleed will flow the same, if I don’t change my mind, and stop gettin my butt knocked out its hard headed frame/ rich, poor, locked, or free, I’m still gone yell/ to release all the pain and struggles, broken knuckles, so I won’t keep gettin beat/ my blood I bleed is family, strength, and loyalty, and no one can say differ/ if so, tell him to try this, because dude must be a sniffer. THE BLOOD I BLEED…

Dwayne Walker
DOC #A620-930

Categories: Dwayne Walker, poems

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