Michael Price

Just my thought for today, by Michael Price

Life is short and we put so much emphasis on the who’s the what’s and the why’s when we should really focus on how’s…when I say we should focus on the how’s I mean we need to find out how to keep our families together, how to save our money to make sure that our kids kids are well off and setup to succeed…I’ve been incarcerated for almost twenty years and I’ve seen so many young males get put in the trick bag of the law because there was no one to give them the life lessons to help them become the best versions of themselves…with me I try to reach those that have kids and are on their way back into society and I try to give them different out looks on what it means to be the head of a household, to be a better father, to be a better son, a better friend with the hopes that they will do better at living for a purpose… I really want everyone that I come in contact with to walk away from me with a feeling of hope and a urge to do great things…Just know that we can accomplish what we will!!!

Michael Price #411-359
POBox 57 M.C.I.
Marion, Ohio 43302

Feel free to get at me!!!

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