George Pardo

Chapter #2, by GEORGE PARDO

the journey of a convict gone good,,,

well inorder to survive in the rough streets in bushwick. one of the toughest getto in brooklyn you must have heart.alot of courage.and move fast.and never hesitate to look backwards, when my father got locked down in 1980, we were forced to move out of the suberb of PARK SLOPE in a higher good class in brooklyn new york. cause my mother didnt have that type of since my father was gone. so my uncle took us sister,an my mom, bushwick was so diffrent liven than park slope. but yet i blended in so fast.I was only ten years of age.but hanged out with the mature crowd,and by the time i was fourteen years old. I was having it all. money,clothes,lots of gold rings.chains.attention. but yet i was still missing my fathers i looked for it in all the wrong places..the be accepted.fights. then at fithteen i finally went to jail,group home in the bronx new york..but once i turded sixteen i went straight to rickers island where i learnded to be a tougher rough aggresive crazy man..its in queens new york,the biggest county jail in new york city,wow i went in there face.innocent. ive grown in there to be hard core bad boy, then totally the tim i was eighteen,now hair on my face. I was a leader in alot of things.or places i ended up in. it bacame a way of life too me if i ended up in here. i was a master of all trades ive learned inhere,but i had to be straight foward, or else u lose.not proud. but looked upon,

DOC #584223

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