David Copas


Hello, How is everyone? I am just sitting here in prison thinking about all the BS the people say. What I am trying to say is that I am in prison for a crime I did not do and did not get a fair trial. There was people on the jury that should have not been there. Now I need someone to track down the place this preson and other where married at and when. Then I can prove that she knew all the witness, victim and me. I have no money, thanks to my family. Yet, people say they believe in GOD and they do not act like it. For if they truly believe they would do what they can to fight the injustices. What are you doing? What can you do? How can you help? This are the question people should be asking, not just sit there and agree what I am saying. This is bad that more people come to prison so 20years later it come out that they should have not come to prison in the first place. This is everyone’s fight.

DOC # A649-307

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