Marvin Burrage


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my time spent at green bay was all good,I was in the hole when my brother Ronnie came in and he came threw on some bullshit,I was getting letters from the guys wanting to do something to him but they said they would wait till I got out the hole,so when I did get out the hole me and my brother set down and talked and he wasn’t trying to hear shit he just wanted to fight so me fought every time he was in the wrong,he won some and he lost some..I got word that my dude silky was dead and nobody knew how,so when I got out I found his girlfriend and she said they talking about it was a suicide, he got up late in the night to go get some smokes,they heard gun shots,when they found him he was hanging from something in somebody garage and his hands was burned some how did he hang himself like that….and to this day I still don’t know what happen…
when in was released from prison I had nowhere to live no clothes or nothing,see the thing about green bay prison was you got released on Tuesday no matter what your out date was you always got released on Tuesday, they took you to the bus station and they was done with you,my sister had her own apartment with her son Dustin, so I went there and she let me stay,she was struggling to put food in the house,my sister was just a kid but we made it work,I would go to the store and steal food,break in the apartments in the building anything for money and food,as far as I can remember me and lil sis was getting in trouble, from the time when we lived in Cleveland and I was stealing cars and looked out the car window and she was hanging on to the passenger side widow,when moms would leave us there by ourselves me princess and Eddie would be out walking the streets late at night,all I knew was trouble because this is how I was raised, so living with my sister I always looked for something to get into everyday,Christmas came and it was just another day,trying to find out where we gonna get something to eat at,but we made it work……I hooked up with my dudes Rodney and kurt they was brothers and they was into anything,my brother Tony gave me some dope to sell it was powder cocaine I didn’t know shit about drugs Kurt was trying to show me I gave the drugs away on credit,when Tony came for his money he was mad I told him you know I never sold drugs and never even seen dope so he tryed to tell me how to do it,so he gave me some more drugs and I hooked up with Kurt we went over his sister she stayed in some building, I sold some of the dope,Kurt tryed to hook me up with this girl but she just wanted some dope,then Kurt took me across the hall to his sister Darlene we got to kicking it and that’s where I spent the night at,she told me she really didn’t do drugs and that her brothers was trying to make her do drugs,she had a nice job and one kid,she was a good girl so I told her if she gonna do drugs then we can’t be together so she quit and her brothers didn’t like that so now I am on there hit list because they just can’t walk in the house no more and do what they wanted to do,,my dude smithy was doing his thing and when I was over his house I seen how he tied his bag of drugs,he was opening up a new drug house down stairs from Rodney and Kurt, I knew that was gonna be trouble when smithy told me about it,that night me and Darlene is just chilling watching TV and smoking weed,Rodney came over pulled some bags of dope out his pockets and right away I knew what it was,I said where you get that at he said I can’t tell you,then here left went down the hall and got high,I went down there about an hour later and they all was played out high as hell,couple days later I seen smithy and he told me what happen,now I am caught in the middle of this shit,smithy is my dude but Rodney and Kurt is family,I try and hollar at them and let them know what was up but they wasn’t trying to hear shit from me because of there sister,so now I knew I had to watch my back because dopefins can’t be trusted,,so a couple days later about 7 in the morning my brother Tony came over and I buzzed him in he said somebody bust his window out his truck so I gave him the money I had and he left area minutes later the buzzer rung and it was Kurt and his other two brothers,when they came in I went in the dedroom to get dress and I heard Kurt ask Darlene how she gonna play this-right then I knew what it was,I tryed to get dressed but Kurt rushed in the room and I was fighting asshole naked I came out the bedroom and tryed to make it to the door they grabbed my arm and tryed to pull me back in but I got away I was running so fast down the hall that I kept falling,I made it down stairs and Kurt caught up with me and there I was fighting make and not even knowing why I just knew I was fighting for my life and then his brothers grabbed me and took me back up stairs where they held me and Kurt punched me everywhere it was blood everywhere then he punched his sister in the eye and said you sleeping with this nigger and he shot your brother,when they left I washed my face all it was was a bloody nose and a busted lip but she was light skin so her black eye stood out,I was in the house all night,but Rodney was supposedly got shot in the leg with a 357 ,I left made it to my brother house,that’s when I notice my knees was fucked up Tony told me to get in the tub and then put some baby powder on it I don’t know why I listen to him because that was the wrong thing to do be cause right now toady almost 30 years later my knees are dryer out for listening to him,anyway I couldn’t walk for a whole week,but I was making plans to get back,when I could walk I called Darlene and she said she wanted to come over I told her meet me at Mc Donald on Hampton, me and Tony went early just in case she was trying to set me up,we was hiding in the bushes waiting on her its cold as hell outside ……

DOC #A256209

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