It is simply amazing how many ppl there are in society who are actually unforgivable. Many attend church every Sunday, ask for forgiveness, claim to have accepted Jesus Christ into their lives, and they, paradoxically are the worst. Sad!
This year marks my 21 year in prison. 22 is fast approaching. I appluade those who have had the courage to contact me and say hi. It is ppl like you who have allowed me to “see” that God really is real. I don’t believe there no such thing as a harmless or victimless crime. All forms of crimes have victims, whether primary, secondary, or terciary. It makes no different. Still, of course some or more horrendous than others and make ppl say, “What the @>#%!”
I am no Angel, and will never be one. Yet, I have changed and evolved into a much better man than the then 16 year old boy who was arrested, with 3 grown men of whom never receive any negative comment I might add. Interesting. Maybe that means I am doing something right. I am unable to read your negative comments or positive ones if they exist. But I will tell you this, they give me strength to continue becoming a better person and to prove that I am not that 16 year boy, but a 37 year old man! Big difference.
I do seek forgiveness from the victims family with all sincerity and I am really saddened at the lost of their loved one. One of them contacted me by my mail some years ago (2012), but I did not receive the letter until several years later. In the advert of email, snail mail can become very unreliable, especially in a prison.
I won’t try to downplay my role in this crime at all. No use to saying what the others did, or what they didn’t do or what I did or didn’t do. That’s usually a waste of time and effort. Over the years I have just learned to accept responsibility and work towards a process that promotes healing, forgiveness, and become making sure that I can play a role in preventing the younger generation, through effective mentoring, from committing violent crimes or any other crimes.
To all who leave negative comment, King David said it best…”When I was a child, I thought like a child, but now that I have become a man, I have put foolish things to the side.”
I pray that God will truly touch your heart and that you will think anew and become a better person. God bless you.

To contact Walter by snail mail:

Walter West #426915
Raymond Laborde CC/ Hope B-2
1630 Prison Road
Cottonport, LA 71327

To email me, go to Jpay. com, open an account, add me to the email list using my DOC# 426915, my name, and state.

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