Da'Von Motley Sr.

COVID-19 = MARTIAL LAW??? by Da’Von Motley Sr.


I’m an inmate in Allen Correctional Institution here in Ohio where everything has been shut down. As a result the concerns of martial law is buzzing around the prison. This is an unprecedented time we are currently living in. The world is in a panic and “the worst is yet to come” says “Dr. Fauci” who is amongst the experts tracking and reporting on this pandemic. Idk what this means for you all out there.. but for us in here.. its not a good thing. If this virus reaches a prison population it will wipe us out. We have no access to hospitals or any realistic quarantine measures. Prisons are already a place full of filth so a virus like this will devastate any prison community across the globe. How the government is responding isn’t enough. If wall street was on the verge of hitting rock bottom we would see drastic measures put in place to keep money in the pockets of the elite class. The worst part of this for me personally is I have yet to talk to my 14, and two 10 year old kids. I haven’t spoken to my kids in a long time and its so frightening and frustrating and stressful because I love my kids and miss my kids so much and I try so hard to be apart of their lives. This just opens my eyes to the value of family and time and how WE ALL take family, and time and life for granted. Is this another lesson Allah has sent to his people to correct our ways??? What is everybody doing right now?? Observing better hygiene?? Spending time together??? Showing concern for one another?? Compassion?? Love?? Unity?? Is this the only way we regain our humanity?? What happens going forward?? Is this leading to Martial Law?? Is the country going to be locked down for months?? What will happen to the prisoners?? There’s no real way to contain this virus. Its spreading too fast.. I mean look how it jumps from country to country! We’ve seen movies where similar things has rocked the globe and wiped out a large amount of people in a short amount of time. How much longer will life be this way. Fear is being forced down our throats. But life has to go on so what can we do?? How do we protect ourselves and our kids and parents and friends and neighbors?? I can honestly admit that I’m terrified. I don’t want to die in prison. I don’t want to miss the chance to make up the time I lost with my kids. I want to marry and have a family again. I want my wife to have her little girl so she can have tea parties with her and my other two girls can show her the ropes. Or a little boy to play sports with and so my son and/or step sons can have a brother to keep after. This is the worst time to not be in communication with my children or my family. I need help.. I need support.. I’m not ashamed to ask.. not asking for help has landed me here.. so.. Can somebody keep me updated with numbers and statistics please. Especially in prisons in Ohio because the admistration here will not keep us informed. I’m in college here in prison and they shut that down as well.. but there’s no real time information they are providing us with. But before I go.. LaNiyah, LaNycee, Jr…. I love y’all and I miss y’all and I’m writing letters all the time and I hope y’all getting them and I’m always calling so.. I just want you to know this.. one day soon you will read this and other post and know in wake up and to to sleep with y’all on my mind. People in my essays I write for college I put a quote.. my quote… “As I will always say, we must at all times have positive pure intentions, thoughts, and actions to achieve any goal we set.” This applies to all aspects of life from the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep. It shouldn’t take the government shutting down the country to bring families together or to get people to watch their hygiene. But this virus is a sign.. its a warning.. its mass hysteria throughout the world.. but WHY?? I leave with a question for those who care.. What are you taking for granted??

Feedback… JPay – USPS

Da’Von Motley Sr. #707-119
Allen Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 4501
Lima, OH 45802

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