Who Am I, by Rodney Fenner

I am a man whose ancestors’ were torn from their land
A man whose ancestors’ destiny was stolen from their hand
I am a man whose culture was hidden
A black man that was made a part of a white man’s vision
I am a man who didn’t have a stable upbringing
A man that lived hard times while others were lip syncing
I am a man not shaped by my surrounding environment
Because I I was, I would be a man prone to be violent
Instead, I am a man who refuses to suffer in silence
Before that happens, I’d rather die in a mutinous riot
Because I’m a man who was given strength as a blessing
A man who was given intelligence to teach lessons
A man given this gift of poetic expression
So I can express to you zero tolerance for any oppression
A man who knows he’s destined to be great
Because I realize my destiny is mine to make
I am also a man with a legacy to leave
After I make sure my lost culture is retrieved
A lot has happened on my journey to become a man
But if anyone asks, I can answer the question of who I am

Rodney Fenner
DOC #1436377
RulaRook Fenner @FB

Categories: poems, Rodney Fenner

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