Joshua Barron

Just Like the Movies, by Joshua Barron

All the news stations covering the spread of the infection. The masses running about, panicking, draining every department store of the “survival essentials”. Polititians, mayors to presidents to kings and queens, trying to save as many as possible by initiating what they like to call SAFETY PROTOCOLS.

The terror that has been instilled… festering in minds. Young ones feel it is a break from school. “Maybe mom and dad will be able to play with me more.” All the while, mom is packing the family photographs from the walls into a suitcase. Dad is securing arms and ammunition into a backpack or a satchel that he will be carrying with him everywhere outside of the house, and not letting it far out of arms reach while inside.

Now to the reality the rest of us live….

Visits indefinitely shut down. Worry about our children and our elderly parents overwhelming our thoughts and polluting the overall demeanor of the prison residents. Of course mom will say that everyone is fine. “Your sister’s wedding at the end of the month may be cancelled” “but everyone is fine son.” Most of the inmates are making jokes, “playing it COOL”. Although words of a conspiracy to take means into their own hands that can not be ignored float in many directions.

Sure.. The “system” has tried to relieve some of the stress. Free phone calls, super cheap video visits. But what happens to those who’s family doesn’t understand technology enough to make these “options” a reality? How do we get this information out there?

What about all the important information that can be found ONLY online for the free populace? How are we ( the ones stuck behind the walls ) to get ahold of this crucial knowledge? Incarcerated or not, We deserve to have access. We still have our human rights.

What happens when the free world decides that the government isn’t doing enough? Marshall Law gets set into place. Presidential decree is to unleash the military on to the prison system. Force more and more people into facilities that are already at maximum capacity. Soon the infrastructure begins to fail. Soldiers start to shoot those wearing state blues.

Thousands upon thousands shot down and killed while simply trying to reach home or even more minutely, just wanting to cook some food or shower like the human beings that we are.

What’s missing is the possibility of the ones who could not fight the disease, that die and rise again. Feeding on those they left behind. Civilizations decomposing like the corpses lying on the ground, in their homes, who waited for the cure. Waited for someone to save them.
Now folks. You tell me. Does any of what you just read really seem that unfathomable? Is this the next new LIONSGATE® film, or is it reality?
Is any of which that is really happening that far fetched from what Hollywood has been selling for years?

I would love to hear what your thoughts may be.

Find me at Joshua Barron A745261


Joshua E. Barron #A745261
3791 State Route 63
Lebanon, OH 45036

Don’t be shy.
All peace be to you

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