Tony Lewis

Martin Watts Meet Martin Lawrence, by Tony Lewis

(Written by: Choosen Black)

I write THIS Live from the Lo Debar, on the 8th Day of Awakening.

I write Letter
to Marin Lawrence…the only Martin Lawrence I know.
Because if Martin Lawrence needs a Blessing then Martin Lawrence here you Go.
but a man whose a friend, who spoke an interest to you Being…and your Soul within.
AS the Man I speak I AM, I AM a friend, like no other. What friend? Would write Martin Lawrence to say: ” Look, heres my Brotha.”

Marvin Watts is his name, and his in chains.
But his mind holds appreciation, for the man you’ve became.
Your Success..Inspires.
Because my friend has dreams.

Well..Marvin…meet Martin.
Its not as hard as it seems. Just a little dedication but a ton of Faith.
That one Day…Marvin will hear Martin.
But no loud, through a speaker.
But rather live at his Lo Debar saying, “Hey…its really nice to meet chu”

That concludes what God has in store…for now.

Marin Lawrence, Marvin has a great idea for your upcoming spinoff of Martin, and the chance to tell you about it could help Marvin excell as the comedy content creator hes always boasting about.
We look forward to hearing from you Martin.
In the mean time, our struggle continues
Cause OUR STRUGGLE…is true

Signing off…for Marvin Watts- Mr. one zero five two fourty-two

The author of this poem can be contacted through Jpay: Tony T Lewis 98308

May God Continue to BLESS YOU ALL

Tony T Lewis
DOC #98308

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