Critical thinking, by Jason Mackerchar

So I have been thinking about this situation for a while now.. I have a person who wanted to be in my life and told me that I had to choose her or my daughter.. Mind you my daughter within the last year has been building a relationship with me after fourteen years of her life because her step dad who molested her and abused her and used her as a toy Instead of being a loyal parent wouldn’t allow her in my life. She told me I had to pick her or my own kid. Why couldn’t she just accept her? No she couldn’t. She couldn’t be a nice person. Are all woman like this?
I have been seeking for someone to talk with.. Not sure where this is going but I am getting out soon. I’m a little scared now and I have my daughter in my life. It just sucks that this critical thought has been weighing on my brain. I can use feedback. If you would like to contact me at that would be cool.
Until next time.

Jason Mackerchar
DOC #77009
At Iscc Idaho

Categories: family, Jason Mackerchar

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