Critical thinking, by Jason Mackerchar

So I have been thinking about this situation for a while now.. I have a person who wanted to be in my life and told me that I had to choose her or my daughter.. Mind you my daughter within the last year has been building a relationship with me after fourteen years of her life because her step dad who molested her and abused her and used her as a toy Instead of being a loyal parent wouldn’t allow her in my life. She told me I had to pick her or my own kid. Why couldn’t she just accept her? No she couldn’t. She couldn’t be a nice person. Are all woman like this?
I have been seeking for someone to talk with.. Not sure where this is going but I am getting out soon. I’m a little scared now and I have my daughter in my life. It just sucks that this critical thought has been weighing on my brain. I can use feedback. If you would like to contact me at that would be cool.
Until next time.

Jason Mackerchar
DOC #77009
At Iscc Idaho

Categories: family, Jason Mackerchar

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  1. Might be time to let go of what’s holding you down and move on to what more important in your life. Look at it like a book and open it up to where you stoped life and now where your going to begin your new one. It’s all up to the man up stairs and the good path you fallow now…


  2. Jason please get on touch jpay isn’t letting me.. Im sorry I’ve not been in touch..
    But if she cared about u as much as she says she wouldn’t be making u choose between her and A!


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