Felix Brown Jr.


How many times have we told yourself “EASIER SAID THAN DONE”. This particularly when we are currently experiencing some type of notable anguish; be that hardship a product of our own making or that from the unwarranted act of ANOTHER.
Yet miraculously, more sooner than later in recognition of our truly divine spirit we begin again to give the best of ourselves by elevating our thoughts, words and actions with the full realization that this too shall pass, perhaps not as soon as we desire or have envisioned but pass it shall. And because we have confronted, conquered, or at least come to terms with the faced hardship we have become stronger and just that much closer to living OUR DEVINE PURPOSE.
Which has always been: to learn and know our god-selves so as to then assist others in recognition of their divine levels of ascension.
© Felix O. Brown Jr. 2019

Felix Brown #312-676
Grafton Corr. Inst.
2500 South Avon-Belden Road
Grafton, Ohio, 44044

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