Jonathan Banks

MERE THOUGHTS, by Jonathan Banks

Desired thoughts of what’s to become of the fate that is held in store for the bliss in life we all strivfe for…..
Overcoming barrier after barrier,taking the path to success many has allowed themselves to become consumed by confronted trials that tries to repell them…..
Trying to find excuses for themselves in the matters that takes a great toll in stripping them of their FAITH of where predetermined fate has guided them.Where do they turn from there on?!?How do they find the supreme amount of strength to accept things for what they are without further killing themselves in the most pernicious intent of not knowing they become off alignment with their hearts intune with their minds?!?!
For what we all go through in life is for a divine purpose! With each struggling encounter we have,what doesn’t kill us makes us better!But at the end of the day starting with SELF first,we all must find the lesson of growth through every experience to extract what we mean to have in life……..
One life to live.A magnificent universe,which within self we create our OWN WORLD!!!!
So ask yourself….What means the world to you?????

Jonathan Banks
DOC #AD2935


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