Davin Wallace

The Ark, by Davin L. Wallace

Im sending a invitation out to all, to join me in entering the ark, the ark of Christ, as Noah entered the ark as we know was a means of protection, deliverance and ride into greater for him and his family, for his faith which is our righteousness before the Lord. In Genesis chapter 7 the Word says ark arose above the earth, so those in the ark also rose above the earth. Rain, water represents power and God’s spirit. Also we know all that is in Christ also has risen w/Him. In Genesis scripture say in the second month on the 17th day the heavens opened and poured out rain unto the earth. People of the world would believe the pouring of rain was a curse, but not chosen of God who was in the ark, just like us who is in Christ. 40 days including the day 1/9/20 I received this word from God will fall on the 17th day of the second month. Wow! Don’t worry that u didn’t start on that day. Be humble and full of faith and allow God to use me to pick u up in the Ark. I may need u to scoop me up one day, I’m quite sure of it.
We will pray 7am & 7pm each day for one another and the world, and read and or listen a scripture or scriptures, it don’t matter, just let God speak to u even if it’s a minister ministering on T.V. Invite others in on what I believe the Lord, our Lord has spoken to me.
The Lord led me to these scriptures & if Holy Spirit lead u to read them to then, Amen! They are: Gen. 1:7 & chapter 7; Lev. 3:17; Numbers 4:17; Judges 16:17; Matt. 1:17 & chapter 7; Luke 3:17; John 4:17; Romans chapter 16

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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