Derrick Holt

A Cry for Help, by Derrick Holt

Greetings !
This Derrick Holt here at the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola,Louisiana.So let me tell you a little bit about myself,in case you did’nt read the previous article I posted months ago.I’m 45 yld,born in Melbourne, florida and grew up in the State of Georgia.I’m a proud father and Grandfather.I enjoy art, which inspired me to discover my God given talent, drawing and painting.I’m a 2018 graduate of the New Orleans Baptist Seminary earning a Associate and bachelors in Christian Ministry.I’m hopeful in the near future on earning my Masters degree aswell.I’m currently serving (2) consecutive life sentences here in Louisiana.
I want to discuss a serious issue thats personal to me.The injustice within our criminal justice system in this country has to addressed in Washington D.C.Interesting,most people in our society today is blinded to the fact, corruption exist in our court rooms.This is one of the major reasons why prisons across this country is overcrowded.Why is it so hard to believe that elected officials,such as Prosecutors and Judges can do no wrong?
How is it possible that a jury convicted me when both the Prosecutor and the Judge violated my 6th and 14th Amendment?I was motivated to write about this particular topic for those reasons.Its my goal to share my exprences with the judicial system here in Louisiana.I was convicted when The courts allowed the prosecution to play a taped statement of eyewitness a “fabricated witness” who never came forward. I never got a opportunity to confront this witness.While I have other interesting issues that centered around my case such as DNA that I rather discuss in person.
I hope and pray that one day State Legislators can discuss this topic so we can hold prosecutors and judges accountable for their actions.If you want further insight on this article please contact me through J-pay by typing my name and D.O.C. If you just want to talk about art or religion feel free to also contact me.If you interested in my case to see why I wrote this article please contact my brother and sister in law, best on Sundays Keyon and Vicky Holt (334)-714-9892 or Trenna Dixon (786)-985-5197 so they could e-mail or fax you documents and report that support the argument of this article.All I want is to be heard.Thank you so much for your valuable time and I look forward on hearing or even meeting you in the near future.

Derrick Holt #539265
Louisiana State Pen
Angola,La 7O712.

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