Adam Hudson

PRAYING for HELP, by Adam Hudson

To speak on how or why I believe that the lord has me serving a Live sentence.
Well, this is my 3rd time in prison. the first time I served 10 months in total.The second time only for 6 1/2yrs. Then 16 months later I’m serving a 15 to life sentence for Murder.
To begain why I believe I’m here. I believed that the lord has a better use for me here. My first time in prison I was only 20 years old. And i had developed a strong relationship with Jesus and I have never been as content with myself as I was then. After I had gotten out I done the right thing in life as far as working and not getting into trouble. But it wouldent be long before I found myself in prison for a second time only 2 1/2yrs later that I had gotten released from my first prison term. Some times you should becareful for what you wish for because prayers do come true.
One night when I was really high and had been drinking, I was laying down on the flour and I had made a prayer that the lord put me in prison for at least about 5-6yrs because that is what i felt was good enough time to get my self right with the lord and get stuck in a New! life style, one for the better. I felt that way because I was always high and drunk and with very bad thoughts and I just knew I was going to end up really hurting someone or even killing myself. And that prayer prayer would only come true 7 months later when I got sentenced to 6 1/2yrs.
After I gotten to Lebanon prison in Ohio in 2009 I had started going to church, and on a regular. After bout a month went by, my celly asked if I was a chomo ( child molester) I said “hell no” then he asked me if I was gay, again I said “hell no, and what’s up with theses weird questions?” And he inlightend me that if I take a look around in the church I will see that mostly Chomo’s and gays go to the church. So I couldn’t help but to look around and as disappointing as it was my celly was right. Therefore I ended up stop in going to church. I didn’t want to walk around with the image of an homosexual or a child molester.
I went the rest of my 6 1/2yrs. not going to church which kinda defeated the purpose of making the prayer….right?
Well I ended up getting out on my out date. And again I was doing good and staying out of trouble. I did come across some bumps along the way but I over came most. So yup, I back slid when it got to much to handle. And if you do a background check, it would show that I give up when the ” Going gets tough.”
And I’m no stranger to religion. I grew up in church. So you can sorta compare me to the prodical son. My dad to this day still says he still sees me as a preacher because I love to talk and prove my point in things.
I do believe the lord gots be here so I can bring people to him by preaching some how some way in prison. And still I’m not on a good path to that goal. I would love to have my own church ministrery. But I think that’s a bit of a highly set goal. But but I’m still trying to find out exactly how the lord wants me to serve him other than just learning. Because me believing that the lord has me here for a good cause, is what’s gives me the most hope. Without hope what do you have?
And some say its crazy that I actually prayed for the lord to put me in prison. But I could go on for days about my past. But I’m going to end this one here. I will make a blog again soon. And I will maybe talk about who or what I am so maybe some of you all reading this may understand me just a lil.
And my song for today, and only because its playing right now……Make it Rain by Ed Sheeran.

Adam Hudson #737-672
P.O Box 45699
Lucasville, Oh. 45699

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