Bobby Irelan

A Hundred Burning Candles, by Bobby Irelan

.. I know you aren’t required to know this but today was the little bros bday, so moms is somewhat unwell.. which moves me of course. not trying to be a sop.. I never like to see friends down, although its okay to feel sorrow.. I guess you could say I’m sentimental at times.. well, all the time really ‘,) I’m just sitting here, listening to three songs on repeat.. I don’t think I’ve told you but anytime I put new strings on my guitar, I always have this ritual that I do.. nothing crazy, I mean, I’m not dancing around naked with a hundred burning candles sucking the oxygen out of the room– although I am not above that kind of ritual ‘,} — but I actually pray over my guitar, like praying to water, i pray just to remain authentic and creative and to be used as an expressive instrument for the invisible, and then I always play the same one song, which is actually a piece I wrote for my brother one day when I had a particularly lucid experience with him.. its my favorite song ever written..because its one that genuinely feels like it was written Through me rather than by me.. its hard to explain, other than just saying it like that.. its pretty fckn cool being human, I’ll tell you that much.. and one of the number one blessings in my life is the Receptability that I have been given enough to not have even one question about what my loved ones are doing once they pass– and that my Love for them continues to warm their spirit.. We bless each other.. forever.. that is what it means to be human.. to me. I guess I was still soppy huh meh

Bobby Irelan
DOC #F-59719

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