Jamar Myers

The Old Amerikkka, by Jamar Myers

Donald Trump said: “He wants to bring back America. What America used to be!” What America is Trump talking about? The old Amerikkka was stolen. The true history of Amerikkka, and not the fraudulent history of America that’s taught in our public schools is that Christopher Columbus was not the first of original one to discover this America can soil. This land was stolen from the Native Americans, and the Old Amerikkka was built by African slaves the Europeans captured. The Old Amerikkka was built by the shedding, and labor of others blood, the taken of others children, the killing of innocent people, inequality, and extortion. And they say this is the land of the Free!!! For who? Please!! I never was, and it still isn’t. I just seems as if it is. So what does Trump truly mean by bringing Amerikkka back? Because the further you go back into America’s TRUE HISTORY, the worst America’s history becomes.

Let me know what you think about my writing, and I’m looking for someone into talk to. To email me directly download the JPAY app, all you need is my sbi#000830254-C, and my name Jamar Myers

My Facebook name: JamarMyersThaAuthor

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Jamar Myers, sbi#000830254-C
Lock Bag-R
Rahway, New Jersey 07066

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