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part 5.

Quantum mechanics then takes each universe and creates an infinite series of them in different physical spaces that exist in the same location so to speak but they do not interact physically so it is like ghost worlds sitting in the same place but not seeing each other. This is where higher dimensional Hilbert space comes in as a barrier to each universe. Outside of these universes is probably De Sitter space that is analogous to a hyperspace of its own.

Travis : I was watching a television news cast from Cleveland about a poor disabled boy who is a football fan. Someone came up with the very nice idea that would give this boy the opportunity to participate in a game despite him being confined to a wheel chair. It was a very touching scean to watch. His middle school football team rolled him out onto the field and as one player rolled him down a drive other players ran alongside of him defending him against the opposing team who feigned tacking attempts by throwing themselves down on the ground. This was a warming sight.
But then my mind couldn’t help but ask , what would Peter Griffin do , from Family Guy? In my mind I saw it. He came bursting out of the sideline knocking little kids out of the way and charging the boy in the wheelchair which goes tumbling across the grass after he flings himself up in the air and on top of the disabled kid tackling him. Peter stands up and spikes the ball that he just ripped from the boy’s hands.
And no I don’t think this would be funny if someone did this for real. It would be appalling. But in cartoon land from family guy it would be fucking hilarious.
Sara : You know what else is hilarious? Some genius developed a battery charger for phones and tablets or whatever by attaching to the body and using its motion to generate the energy to recharge the devise.
Maybe this would he feasible in the middle east or Latin America , but in the United States? Yeah right. Imagine that. It would take a month to charge a battery over fifty percent. People don’t want to even walk to the restaurants they stuff themselves .The humans don’t vacuum anymore , from what I’ve seen they have little robot devices zipping around in random patterns. Now drones are going to be delivering toilet paper and shampoo. How are body generated batteries really going to do?
Travis: Maybe the humans will revert back to using animals again except now instead of plows and carriages it will be battery chargers. The human will sit around on a chair with a remote controlled whip smacking the beast as it comes nearby getting it to run around and create more power.
Sara: I think I would be more concerned about some restaurant trying to trick me by serving a hamburger made out of weeds.
Travis: I don’t care what they say you can’t tell me someone can’t tell the difference between fucking beef and grass.
Sara: Well the cow does eat grass so technically its the circle of logic.
Travis: What?I don’t know but if I sit in prison for twenty fucking years and manage to get out early and go order a hamburger and somebody tries feeding me packed grass I’ll probably end up going back to prison.
Sara: Ha , I hear ya , man. where’s the beef?
Travis: This is the Travis in this universe, the one you , the reader is in.I want to ask anyone reading this to help me get a fair chance at getting back to Allen correctional in Lima Ohio.I was unfairly and falsely charged with establishing with a staff. I met with a woman who worked in mental health and discussed this story I have been writing about on here.This happened at Allen in Lima.She is who I based the freckles character on, as miss Cat is based on miss Thompson.Anyway I asked for her opinion on the story and she suggested that I make it more dynamic by adding romance and action. The original version was just a scientific dialogue between Sara and myself. So this story has actually been inspired by her. Miss Thompson inspired my book I’m about to publish on Amazon books very soon.
I wrote this woman a four page sample story and the investigator obtained it and said I was expressing feelings for this lady. He lied and said I made the character Asian with freckles , which describes this woman. I did not do this. Him and the R.I.B. staff railroaded me in a kangaroo court style persecution. The prison Director’s office , the governor’s office both have ignored my pleas to call certain staff at Allen and confirm certain information to prove that I did none of this stuff I’m accused of. The staff at the director’s office is blocking me from getting this information to the actual director , miss Annette Chambers – Smith Whose office # is 614 – 752 – 1153 . I Ask any ambitious person who reads this to call her office and ask for an appointment to speak to her and let her know Travis Smith #529433 Has been wrongly charged and miss Thompson , miss Wright , Miss Cori Smith and miss Hemphill all can confirm this.
The R.I.B. process is a joke. They will not let you actually defend yourself. They let you have witnesses but don’t really listen to what they say.The investigator outright refused to check with staff I named and confirm certain critical information that would of disproved guilt.They lied and said I was stalking this woman , made it sound bad.They are doing this at other prisons in Ohio as well. I know we are inmates and not held in high regard by society but we are humans and should not have to be wrongly accused and punished for things we didn’t do.We are being punished for the crimes we committed out there and are punished for that. Is that not enough?Also the Ohio Auglaize county prosecutor lied and said I was a career criminal who was in and out of prison in order to solicit maximum , consecutive sentence in court. This is not true – you can look my name and prison # up 529433 and see on the ODRC site I’m a first time offender

Travis Smith
DOC #529433

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