Michael Price

Disrespect (Conversation Piece), by Michael Price

I was once asked why do men disrespect women?… I took a seat and I really pondered on this one because me myself I grew up with two wonderful women in the household and I was tought better (my mom and sister)… Now as I sit here and try to figure out what is some of the reasons that we and I have to say we because I’m a man and I too unconsciously have said or done some things that may be viewed as being disrespectful to women… With that a couple of things come to mind when touching this subject but the number one thing that pops up when we bring this to the forefront is that a lot of us were never thought how to treat women because we never had another man or male figure in our life to show us the proper way… The only thing we ever knew was that we were to be the king of the castle and what we say goes… Now as I’ve gotten older and I’ve seen what it really means to be a man I know now that I wouldn’t be s#%t without a woman because they are our first teachers and with that being said I came to the conclusion that answer to the question is women are the reason why men disrespect them because when they give birth to a boy it is their job to instill in them that no matter what we are to treat all women as we would want our mother’s to be treated… Just think about it for a second boys go crazy if a man that mom brings home puts his hands on her or calls her out of her name or anything like that and we have no understanding when that situation occurs so why do we turn right around and call the mother of our children a bi#%h now what sense does that make?.. The solution to this problem is simple but I might have a few who may disagree but women must know their worth and demand that they be treated with the up most respect because at the end of it all you all hold the power and the keys to life!.. So with that being said on behave of all the men who have done you guys wrong and have belittled you I’m apologizing because like I said at the beginning there would be no me without you!!! Much Love and Respect!

Michael Price
DOC #A411-359

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