Jakob Helleis

Second Grade Field Trip (A Poem), by Jakob Helleis

“I was PTA so I volunteered to come along
With the class and keep you where you belong.
About 40 or so kids it was going on a hike.
Mrs.Wong was also there,
And there was a sign posted saying ‘Stay
On Path,Do Not Go Under Ropes’.All the
Kids stayed on the path,you went under
And I had to get you,bring you back.”

Here she stopped typing,
Picked up the wine glass,sipping,
Set it down and stopped crying.
Combing her hair behind her ear:

“I have always respected your decisions,
Until you makes the wrong ones and go too far.
I just want to make sure you arrive safely,
From point A to point B,
From the prison to the program. Maybe
You need to think twice about that.”

She wouldn’t stop driving her self crazy,
Nothing reasoned louder than her anxiety.
Life and Death awaited her sons outcomes,
Knowing one would eventually come.

Jakob Helleis
DOC #AA-1134

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