Major McCormick

Just Before Dawn, by Major McCormick

LAaaawd because I’m not going to lose.. I don’t accept defeats so I never lose. I push into mind states of achievement moments after any form of defeat presents itself, I’m human like you. I feel disappointments first then anger if I allow my thoughts to continue in this direction, self pity and soon enough depression sets. I’ve learned to analyze my expectations, as i travel through that moment of misery. Usually the hurtful THOUGHTS are something I expect of another person,or thing, circumstance. Etcetera etcetera. Never a direct expectation of my self. In sometimes moments, minutes, a short period of time my mood changes to ambition. Because of the determination I have to win deep with in. I refuse at gut level to feel as if there is only inevitable choices that only leave me in serial losing situations. I focus on any athlete that made it to the level of a pro it was painful conditioning so I look at my day and anything undone or done there’s something that needs to be done or can be done to it.So I attack what needs to be done with the same fierceness defeat attacked me with. Same for discouragement or any other offense set at destroying motivation. After close to two years of channelling my thoughts this way ,wrestling along the way I looked up and there was not a six pack of abs but a eight pack with every part of my abdomen chiseled. First it happened in my mind and spirit. Life keeps throwing punches and obstacle courses. Instead of sitting on the side line or completely out of life. I stood up for the challenge, Mind,body, and spirit. In every aspect I learned to control the libido, watch my every intention keep my words pure ,speech without curse words. I committed myself to excellence. All done prayerfully to remain humble. Without the proper perspectives you’ll start to take credit for somethings only God can help you with and before every fall is pride and haughtiness. You will recognize your own strength the moment you fall so you always have to keep God in front. Ask for understanding when things get dark keep a hopeful attitude. If you can’t see the bright side and the lines are blurred with a feeling of heaviness and unbearable burdens. You have to know at that very moment its a fight for your life,. and the difference between it being below average, average or far and beyond any imagined success
or fantasy you could ever have. is the fight. The harder you fight the more you gain.McCormick686167What is real? Whatislove?ByMajorMcCormick
Youre either with me or against me or you’re in my way. Pay attention fake is fake but sometimes fake does look, feel,and seem real. When I was young and new to the way of the world a pair of Gucci sandals, a gold chain, a leather coat branded by Michael Jackson could be imitated until placed under the real test. The real test always exposed the impurities in the imitation. The real with stood the test it may have a few scrapes and burns but it didnt melt or shred to pieces. This is the thin line between true love and what the other so called love has to offer. Real love with stands the test fake love falls completely away.McCormick686167 I’m what? By Major McCormick(Illicit word$)
They said fuck him on his birthday it was the worst day. It wasn’t the first day it felt like a cursed day. Its really a fuck you in the worse way. How you know me and you don’t know my birthday. Out of sight out of mind more like forgotten on earth. In a way ,it makes you think what is the worth in the words they say. You’re really a jerk are the words at play. I’m already knowing for sure what they’ll say Fuck that nigga and his birthday And all I can do at the worse is pray that some how I’ll enjoy this birthday McCormick 686167Real conversation By Major McCormick.There he is in the corner trying to hold his head high
no one really cares for him look in his dead eyes.Make sure you keep everything under lock leave nothing on your bed side. Even hide the lid of your bread pies he the kind that a lickem untill they dead dry. Look at him always standing there like they go give him mail He must be waiting on satan cause that niggas in hell. He hasn’t had one letter why is he waiting and standing he can’t tell? They must be praying for him to fail.
Look at him checking messages on the jpay he never gets any He’s just in the way. Watch him watch us eat he don’t even have soap to wash I’m surprised he don’t have holes in his feet. Look at his sheets they are gold when he speaks you can smell the mold. Stomach rumbling he looks cold, all if his clothes are old his shoes full of holes. But nobodies listening all on face book sparkling and glistening. “But whasup wit him?”Everybody’s whispering. “Uh he fucked up he was living with this Misses and he put his hands on her so he got what he deserved.” But Medical records show those were all lies just words. “Maybe when he get out hell go back to living on a curb. His name is what? He’s full of shit His name is tird. Listen to him talking to himself again!” “Imma do it all by myself I don’t need no friends I see people eating all the time talking to all of there family on the phone line. For me its the same ole line Ain’t no sunshine. But imma make it happen I can already see the hand shakes and people clapping. House hold name like Eric Clapton. I don’t want the fame I just want reaction. Money my new name the last attraction.They reading all my game and its selling national.They say he ain’t the same he ain’t acting rational. I’m sticking to my aim .Now let me ask you Am I a victim or insane? I’ll let you answer. I hear the answering machines but it ain’t no answer. I can feel the sting its like a Phantom .Yea I’m talking drop head and when I hear my phone ring. “Hello” “Drop dead!” But I don’t have that type of Heart. I was a Star from the very start. I guess its hard but u gotta march. I set goals then I make the mark avoid the holes and all that’s dark.

Major McCormick
DOC #686-167

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