Gerald Tatum

How You Doing Today World, by Gerald Tatum

Everyday is a day you should remember because God created you for a reason.Its up to you to tap into your self.Stop letting days go by looking up to things that going to past away.
There are a reason why you here,maybe you are here to tell a person something that linked to someone esle.
Everything that has cells have life so why hurt or harm an ant,bee,bird,or a human being becasue we are God made of flesh.Everything that has life are one with God so when you harm one,you harm all of us,all of us are one,who can hear me?
I love everyone one in this world and I look for the world to show me love back.This is what I call Hellen because Heven is in our heart,our spirit heart(3rd Eye),who can tap up in it and be Christ like,the one who tap into his self…
We are one,when you saw me,you seen God,when I see you,I see God,Who can see or hear?I come to open the eyes of the blind so they can see and the ears so they can hear because we are One.I love ya’ll and think about what you are hear for and tap into yourself.

Gerald Tatum
DOC #560444

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