Jamar Myers

Tribute to Kobe, Determination, by Jamar Myers

Will I win, can’t lose, got to stick and move. Determination and motivation is my elevation. The negativity tryna box me in but I’m destined to win, so I fake the haters to the left then slide through the right, that’s right, I’m chasing my dreams like Kobe chased after his rings.

Swish! My first goal of success. Swish! Swish! My second and third goal of success. With the right mind set I can’t be stopped, like Kobe I’m hot.

But wait, I can’t let failure get in my path, or stop my plans. Not this time, because I know that pain. Failure is a feeling that hurts but it makes you strong, so you got to move on. Failure is not an option, gotta keep moving, gotta chase my dreams.

I scream it at the top of my lungs, I will succeed!

In memory of Kobe Bryant he said “Once you know what failure feels like, determination chases success.”

So to have determination is to have a purpose in life, because without a purpose, life is empty.

So I keep my thoughts trained with ambition, I can’t lose the vision, when the chance comes I got to take the shot before the time clock stop.

Because the dream is the vision, and determination gives you the ambition, failure is the collision, but dedication keeps you on the mission.

When the voices on the outside tell you “you can’t make it,” just laugh, and know in your heart that there is no such thing as can’t. But you got to create the plan to be able to build the vision.

So always chase after your dreams and never let failure derail you.

Determination and Dedication is the key to success.

R.I.P. Kobe the Black Mamba, and Little Gianna #24 and #2

Please write me and tell me what you think about my Kobe tribute, and all my other writing and blogs on inmateblogger.com…. To be able to email and contact me directly download the JPAY App and set up an account. Then add me to your account, to add me all you need is my SBI# 000830254-C, my Facebook is: JamarMyersThaAuthor, and my IG is: Jamar_Insane

I would love for Kobe Bryant’s wife to be able to see and read this, so if anyone can, share this with his wife , or find out her IG or FB name and send it to her. Thank you.

Jamar Myers
DOC #000830254-C

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