Keith Mustin

Dream of a Perfect Life, by keith mustin

there are always should ofs and could ofs that i be dwelling on while incarcerate. for example:
if i only could of stayed out of trouble, my brother would of saw me with him all the way til he died of lung cancer.
or if i was out there instead of being incarcerated i would of been there for my grandfather as he was slowly dying of liver cancer.
should ofs and could ofs that had haunted while being locked up but you know what??? these should ofs and could ofs was motivational to me. how??? the drive of the past motivated me of achiving goals that was on my mind while being on the streets but was distracted by the street and worldly life.
i had achieved the following:
1. the Aramark N2Work ServSafe Food Management Program
2.cook apprentership to speak sign language
2. how to speak spanish (still learning) to speak hebrew (just started learning) to speak arabic (still learning) to file lawsuits for the right reasons. to save someone’s life through learning from professional paramedics at ERT (emergency respons team) and DAT (disaster assist team) under the Red Cross program.
9. how to write plays and novels through Playwright and Theartre of conviction Programs
yeah my should ofs and could ofs may haunt me but it drives me to accomplish goals that i never thought i would be able to accomplish outside of prison. that what helps me to better myself now and for the future whenever i get release. so never let your past defines you into how you live your life right now. gain that learning experience and make changes on how to overcome those past obstacles so you can move to etrenal success and peace now & in the future. thank you for listening.

keith mustin
DOC #505-112

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