Keith Bond Jr.

Whom???? by Keith Bond Jr.

YU can’t challenge what’s damage
my thoughts are unsafe….
Life seperates like its misplaced
Define underline with hate.
Masterminded traits
only to be dialogued and traced
outlined and viewed
A wealthy jewel..
Ridiculed…… cuz they’re confused
I know its true
some miss there step
standing next to who?
In this world YU are a reflection of YU ,
but who persuades YU,
who inflict YU,
who baits YU,
as your mind admire.
Feel empowered exile yourself
away from them cowards.
Studying principles
infactuated by cruelty…..
Refuse to be a pamper role model
comic for the news….
Only shame grimace your face….
I love it when we smile feeling their hate….
Telling yourself YU got me now,
but now is still to late!
Don’t nonthin change ,
just the rotation of The day….
Another quote to be made…….
Another name to be engraved…
Happy times was initiation to be haze…
ignite a burning flame..
Carrying the torch like the hunger games
starving for pain…
My soul is empty
like a pimp without his same,
a beat with no bold,
options with no mode…..
Trust me I know!
Yeah YU showed me everything ,
so I never had to choose .
Living merinating in the tears
like the melody cooing with the blues…
Wise man spoke these words
All I did was expose what I analyze
observeing who?
Now ask your self ‘
Who is who ?
unaware like a child running nude.

Author: The Painter

Keith Bond ,Jr
DOC #537-103

Categories: Keith Bond Jr.

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