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part 4.

All these new thought and ideas pouring through his head was too much. What was he supposed to do with the revelation that he just figured out the meaning of life and how the mind of god operated ? No one would believe him. He’d just sound like another crazy person babbling on to whomever might be listening. Ever since he stumbled onto this website with all these weird symbols and numbers it has changed how he thinks.There are others too now he communicates with. They know too. He could not tell you how he learned this language or why he understands it but he does and now he knows. So what the hell is he suppose to do? Well , one idea came to him. He might act out a fantasy he always had. Since he knows now , it doesn’t matter what happens if he gets caught.
God. How could he of not seen it before? Its certainly not the biblical god or any religious god. Those people have no idea how wrong they all are or how simple it really is. It can be described as simply as this term… Bose – Einstein condensation. A nonlocal collective quantum effect. This is the fifth state of matter predicted by Einstein. He was inspired by Satyendra Bose who described light in an analogous way compared to a gas. It is used to amplify light which is a laser and is seen as superfluids. Basically the birth of the universe spewed forth out of this state. In loop quantum gravity space itself is made from infinitesimally small units of something. If you except the Platonic realm , the mental world , as being more fundamental than the physical universe , then whatever processes caused the big bang produced the physical universe out of thought- at the moment of the big bang. Prior to the big bang everything was infinite. The quantum fields sat as insubstantial objects. But within the mindbogglingly infinity of time or timelessness , and the natural tendency for things to be infinite , temperature and density passed from ideas into real objects, under the high pressure of infinity and all the miniscule units of energy that would make up space acted in unison effectively creating a quantum coherence as a single wavefunction. This is the basics of what causes consciousness in the brain but scaled up to a cosmological level. Those many quantum fields act together in order to produce what Immanuel Kant called the conditioned universe , one of which is responsible for consciousness. All those tiny quanta by themselves after the big bang would be incorporated into the microtubules deep in the brain for the sole purpose to allow individual minds. A Bose – Einstein condensate occurs at a temperature near absolute zero and the substance of space reached this condition after the release of all that infinitely dense energy spread out. Individual particles that act on their own begin to act as one when this state is achieved. Prior to the big bang all these quanta acted together effectively creating the mind of god within that quantum field that produces consciousness. It is in this grand quantum state the idea and ability to generate thought into physical phenomena occurred and the universe we live came into existence. That quantum electrodynamics , the interaction of light and matter , should mirror the platonic realm and physical universe, is just beautifully poetic.
Ronald shook his head and smiled. The script on the website went on to explain the god mind sought to be able to exist in a cosmological and existential state of wonder and mystery. In the dark its lonely dream of intangible visions based on unstoppable thoughts and ideas drove it into madness and a desperate search for another mind and a way to interact with it. For every beautiful image of some object it conjured up , was met with unimaginable despair and disappointment when it profoundly yearned to reach out and grasp the object but found it only to disappear upon trying. It imagined and saw flowers and mountains and sunsets and delicious foods , but would then despair just like that as a prisoner would sitting alone in a lonely dark and cold cell. It imagined then , to have a dream so real there would be no denying the objects existence. It imagined a vast night not filled with terrible emptiness but endless fires which cast heat and light upon endless worlds each filled with treasures that would occupy the lives of many souls. It would be a struggle at first for fledgling worlds but they would age and grow wise and find ways to improve the dreams they would have. Each mind would have its own story filled with other characters with whom they could interact with. Each mind or soul would live out a series of endless short stories.
Yes.The multiverse. When Ronald first heard about it he did not think much of it. It was some silly science fiction shit to entertain nerds and geeks. But now he knew. The multiverse was God’s ingenious concept to ensure that a soul’s story did not end. It would not just read out one story but every possible and conceivable history. Here in this world our brains are wired to look at everything in reverse. What seems counterintuitive to us is actually the more natural and primary principle of law. We were built in and made to see and live in lower dimensional spacetime. But this is merely an extension of the first principles of higher dimensional Hilbert space. This exist as the fundamental foundation of physical reality between the platonic realm and four dimensional spacetime. It would have been a wasted effort to make one universe and let it go through its natural phases and die. Actually when this infinite mind conceived all this multiple universes were a inevitable consequence. Quantum mechanics and cosmic inflation both yield multiple universes on two fronts. Cosmic inflation creates multiple ones in the same physical space that that could in principle be contiguous but are separated by the speed of light.

Travis Smith
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