Dustin Hendrix

Gardening, by Dustin Hendrix

Yesterday I walked outside into our institutional garden and saw the wonders of nature preforming her most beautiful work. What surprised me most is how resilient plant can be when it comes to extreme or fluctuating temperates. The Asian greens we planted sustained the over night lows without any brownish discoloration or wilting.

Usually, three days worth of frost would be the death of most plants, however, Asian greens have a tendency to survive the most extreme temps. Gardening has become a passion for me . As a young child I remember spending quality time with my great-grandmother working the rose bushes and tilling the fertile soil until the rich nutrients produced a bloom of colorful roses.

Simply days growing up, now faced with adulthood and the reality of growing old, I look forward to gardening even more. The tranquilty is what sustains me.

Dustin Hendrix
DOC #391649
POB 57
Marion, OH 43302

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