Marvin Burrage


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me and silk use to kick it everyday,I knew these two sisters name Trina and Tracy they was good people,me and Trina use to fuck around she was down for whatever and when it came to that one thing she was bout-it-bout,I have meet some crazy people in my life that was all for self,but I was just out there like everybody else trying to survive,Milwaukee was my home and I was away from Gene but his present still stayed with me and I was always looking over my shoulder,I stayed in the streets because that’s all I knew,I tryed going to school I would always have to wait till my brother Tony went to school so I could get in his room and wear his clothes,one day I had to mop the floor before I went to school and at the last moment I remembered I had to mop and I had just put on Tony light blue corderoy pants and the water splash on the leg but when I got to class and it dryed it was a big white spot cause by the bleach in the water now I done missed up big time so I just left school went home nobody was there so I ironed the pants over and put the crease back in them and hung them in the back of his closet,I stayed in trouble in Milwaukee,my dude silky had went back to jail and I use to go over his house and mess with his sisters I told Diane one day that she need to get some dick in her life I didn’t even think about what I said because her man was in jail so when I went back to jail I was in the house of correction and I meet her man and he brought what I had said to her up and said he should beat the shit out of me and I told her I was just playing with her and all the rest of that shit I ain’t with it,so that was that,I was in g-dorm while I was there and it was a lot of the guys there so I was right at home and yes we was deep and doing our thang,also it was all these so called pimps in there always snotting dope and talking shit,it was about six phones in there and I was fucking with one of the phones it opened up and messed with some of the wires in there it never cut off plus you could rail out on it,so it was the guys phone unless you was told to bet on it,one I told my dude I was after him so I could call my lawyer,that when big stone pulled up on me saying he was next I said I am next and if one of the guys don’t want to use it you can use it he said I said I was next and if you get on that phone I am fuxking you up-well g-dorm was my spot so I wasn’t gonna let you disrespect me,so I called my lawyer and he said when you get off the phone come in the bathroom and I watched him tell all his dudes,I didn’t have to say anything because I knew the guys was watching everything,so when I got off the phone I went in the bathroom,I didn’t say nothing I just started swinging and he connected with two good punch’s,then he walked out the bathroom and out the dorm,the guys asked me what happen and in said if you all was on point you would of knew what happened, my mind told me to leave it alone also Stones dude them pulled up on me and told me to leave it alone but I was young and had to much pride so me and the guys all talked about what would take place,when we go to chow Stone was there with his dudes ready for whatever, so he said he would be up in the morning, again his dudes told me to leave it alone because my guys wasn’t ready for what was going to happen,also you had about 10 guys from the Chi’ that ran off to Milwaukee and didn’t like my set and wanted to take over,so that morning about 6:30 Stone came in told the C/o go get some coffee or whatever,then he said everybody that’s riding with BuckyG line up I watched as the guys pulled the cover over there heads some got up and walked out the door,so it was just me and my little dude and he had a nice size piece of hard wood so we got busy fighting a losing battle,they fucked us up but we fought back and when it was over,me and everybody that didn’t ride fought all day and night behind that shit plus you had those guys from the Chi in the middle of it so long everybody just went in the bathroom and got it on,Frank got his jaw broke when it was all said and done,everybody went to the hole,the field Marshal JewBaby was in the hole and he to
d me I wasn’t in the wrong and I should of killed them niggers,
I went to court and got sentenced so I was on my way back to green bay also Frank was going with me I told him he was going to love it because all the guys was real and on point,plus I been there before,me and Frank was working in the kitchen when Wayne came in me and Frank looked at each other,Wayne was one of the guys from the Chi that was on the bullshit when that fight jumped off plus it had came out that he had run off with some dope and money,so when me and Frank caught him on the yard we beat his ass from one end to the next,the guys didn’t know what was going on so when it was over I told them what had happen,and it was over and done with

DOC #256209

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