Tony Lewis

A Black’s Man’s Letter To a Black Man’s Killer, by Tony Lewis

( This letter is from an imprisoned man of color, to Amber Guyger- the convicted killer of an unarmed Black Man…this should be interesting, you think)

2 Corinthians 13

You can inhale easy…for this letter has no HATERD; Only Love…and Understanding.

Dear Amber:
Before I talk mainly about you, let me tell you a little about me and how I knew noting about you on one day but felt complled to write to you the next. That, alone, should speak volumes.
Im a Man, who watches SisterCircle Live, just about every morning. Sister Circle, is a early morning talk show, that airs on Tv One; one network which really caters to the likings of people who look like me. But anyway, it was there, where I learned of you and the verdict. It was the 11th day of October, that I wrote on the back of a personal envelope this:
Amber Guyger( the officer guilty of murder)
” Write to her for emotional support. Everyone deserves a friend who Believes in God.”
Now, ask yourself: Why would a black man like me jot something of a reminder to himself? I couldnt develope a reasonable answer myself at first. But then came the next day…October 12th.

Once again during Sister Circle, you made the ”news table”. But this time, you and your sentence stirred quite the uproar of mixed emotions. And as I watched what had transpired in that courtroom, with you and that man who forgave you…I understood then, why I grew ”moved” to send my love and support to you,the day prior; and that reason, was for you to have but maintain a close and personal relationship with the HIGHER POWER, so the Spirit of Jesus Christ can remain close to your heart forever.
For clarity on what I speak, open that Bible-the one which the beautiful Judge equipped you with, and go to 2 Corinthians 2. Those words, are the words God wants you to hear; so you can understand the purpose, of MY presence into your shattered life.
But see, my life too, was very much shattered in the way yours is today…and that was surprisely… 10 years ago.
I was in the military; active duty. I had such a promising future, but it was the demons I had within which pushed me to alter all I couldve done with myself.
I was 19, and was thrown in jail, to fight charges of robberies, kidnapping and even some rapes. Yes, what the hell was I was thinking. I could touch on all that, but Im not, not now..for none of that is very important at the moment. Whats most important is using the 24 hours that God had blessed me with try to not only recognize my flaws, but put in the effort to make amends with the people I effected behind my maddness.
Amber, what I told myself I had to do,was first tell myself that the buck stops with me: no more using what I endured and expreienced as a child, as a crutch for excuses. Secondly, I told myself that I must change my perspective on life, and I did that, by reading plently of inspirational novels, like ANDY ANDREWS -A Traveler’s Gift( I highly recommend you read that one. Its a really good read!!)
Lastly, I came closer with God and made the decision to do something with myself. I tried to utilize my hours God blessed me with to work on positive and productive endeavors; endeavors I could use to redeem myself, the way I forsaw myself doing.
Over the last year, I have written stories and invented several products that Im striving to license to big name celebritries like Cardi B, Steve Harvey, and even Wendy Williams to name a few. All of these ideas I have to license will generate for me atleast 2 million dollars in royalties( that Im forsure) and using that money, I am going to repay each rape victim on my case with a million dollars. The way I see it, when a person is raped, their perception on life can easily be shattered. So I figured, a million dollars could tremendously help them see life the way God needs them to.
In addition to the million dollar ideas I have for others, Im excited about the one idea I thought of for my own personel success: Its called Supa Saucee Services, and this company of mine is going to be the biggest and best consultant company for prisoners. Me and my team at Supa Saucee predict our annual revenue within the first 5 years will surpass 10 million dollars.
Ive drawn up a respectable business plan, and now as you read this, Im working, on using a couple magazines and their platforms, to help me connect with the desired angel investors IM SEEKING; so yeah, dont be surprised when you look up and see your boy on TV as ” The Billion Dollar Prisoner.” lol.
But the main reason Im writing this to you, isnt to merely boast about my change-about nor brag about the accomplishments I look forward to acheiveing. Im writing you this letter to put you on notice Amber.
This letter, is the second act of God in your life..the proof to you, and others, that HE is Isreal.
Amber, I want to use this moment to promise you an easy and comfortable transition back into soceity when your prison term is complete. By the time your bid is finished I will have became everything I have talked( A multi multi-millionaire)
I will have for you 100,000 dollars ready. It will help your restart.In addition to this we will be donating 100,000,000 dollors to the victims brother for being able to overcome the emotional wounds and show me love in the court room.


Tony Lewis
DOC #98308

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