Robert Brandy


Look at you, Black man, you’re vulnerable. You walk around as if you have no worries, no direction; you’re lost. I have a place for you. A place where your children, family, and friends will forget about your very existence. It’s all a part of my design and plan for you. You won’t need any transportation for this ride you’re about to take. Don’t worry, I’ll pick you up on my bus and I will provide your basic necessities: food, clothing, and shelter. All free of charge!

I’m accepting all minorities so this includes you too my brown Latino brothers. There’s enough room for you here too. Your dreams can also be put on a respirator. Along with a little division, I will break down your 33 vertebrates and dismember any solidarity you have left in your very soul.

Don’t worry my poor White brothers, I have this saying I go by I’m sure you’ve heard of it before. It’s called “No Child Left Behind.” You too are welcome aboard this bus, we have plenty of room. We are color blind here, the only color we recognize is Green.

Once you all get to your new home we will go over some rules. I want my Black brothers- we are brothers, aren’t we?- I want you to destroy one another; never unite. I want you to rob and fight one another even to the death. Go on ahead and form your gangs, it’s all right, and that way you’ll never unite. Promise me you’ll never read any books about W.E.B. DuBois, Nelson Mandela, Marcus Garvey, or any prominent black leaders. We will teach you everything you need to know about yourself. You don’t need to search for yourself, for who you are. You don’t have time for that. Just keep reading your Triple Crown books, XXL’s and playing cards and dominoes. We don’t want you reading any of those Black Enterprises, or anything about your culture and history; those things are all poison and will be considered contraband.

If you can behave yourself and be a good boy then I will give you a little treat. I’ll let you shop at my store once a week. Just have your family make the money orders out in your name, but we can keep the money in my bank. So, it’s just like it’s the both of ours. You trust me, don’t you? Don’t I treat you right? I put a roof over your head, clothes on your back, and food in your stomach. I do my best! I even give you $16 a month just for your pocket money. Now don’t you be ungrateful, I only physically put my hands on you because I love you!

It’s not my fault your family doesn’t get to see you often or that your kids hardly even know you and some of them you never even met. You can’t blame me. I had to take you far away from your communities, away from your families, and away from your love. That’s the only way I knew you would listen to me. Don’t worry, you never have to leave here. I’ll never abandon you! You’ll always have a place to call your home.

All I ask is that you continue to destroy each other instead of building one another up. Stay divided so you’ll never rule the world. And please don’t ever reach your highest potential. Realization that you were born to be KINGS!

Love Always,
The Garbage Can Experiment

P.S. Please don’t forget to let your children and grandchildren know all about me. I can’t wait to meet them.

Robert M. Brandy
DOC #A428509

excerpt from The Garbage Can Experiment (book available for sale at and Barnes&Noble)

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