Tommie Forster


Why are there so many households without a male figure? What role have I played in to perpetuate this cycle? What can I do to position myself to be the male figure evey community needs? 26% of American children are born into single parent homes, while 72% of black children are born into the same situation. Though this article isnt about race, Here I stand as a black man bringing light to the injustices imposed upon me. These injustices are nothing new, and this is why the community lacks Father figures.
In 2008, I was charged with murder and eventually sentenced to (50) fifty years in Virginia State Prison. The judge who tried my case stated that my silence signified guilt which was one of his reasons for finding me guilty. What happened to my 5th amendment constitutional rights not to testify against myself being that I chose not to testify during trial. Another cycle (generation) of Fatherless youth stripped of the rights to live.
Again 72% of Black Children without Father’s; 70% of the prison population Black. Can anyone see the injustices perpetuated by the slave – I mean 13th amendment? Today as a Father, I stand for my freedom, not just my freedom of speak or freedom of religion; Today I stand for my freedom to assemble within my community who needs me. They need my time, my energy, my talents and skills to promote a generation of leaders, doctors, lawyers and righteous inhabitant who stand for Freedom and Justice for all people of the Planet. My name is Tommie Forster and this is my story.
Follow my story on Facebook, Instagram, and and help turn the Fatherless Community into a Fathered Community by aiding the liberation and advocacy of A Father who’s ready to Fat-Her (household, community) with the principles of life.

Tommie Forster
DOC #1403251

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