Jakob Helleis

Paradoxes from La Puente and Santa Cruz (A Fiction), by Jakob Helleis

A gust of wind
Blew this young boy
From the edge of this old canyon.
The mysteries of the ageless breeze
That’s older than the occult now
Blow back the long black hair,
Of this occultist or for lack of better words,
The most benign satanist.

A little after a decade of an unjust incarceration
Love made him turn the light on,
Clean the cell,wash his hair and care.
The bristles of this black metalists brush
Fills out the emptiness of his existence
In strokes of grosteqe angles
Adorning the face he finds most beautiful.
“I’ve become a pussy” followed by a wry
Smile as if admitting:
Love is all,I’ve been conquered.
Beaten out of his mothers belly prematurely,
Saved at the last minute from a pull of the plug
By his fathers hand
To grow up on the streets,
Then give his life to God while hustling.
This good natured hypocrite
Puts on JUCE TV before going to church
For God and to pick up stuff to sell.
Hearing no evil,seeing no evil in hell
Is for the blind and deaf,
Yet it seems they’re more exempt from temptation.

A decade of a deserved incarceration,
He doesn’t buy his own bullshit.
“I think about the risks and know the consequences.”
He says as if it makes him expemt from judgment.
“I know I don’t need to do what I do.
I still have that struggle with my self.”
Hustles,prays to God for help,
Loves everyone and doesn’t know how to show it.
If you’d ask this future personal fitness trainer
If he could spare his daughter the future
He helps perpetuate
He’d respond with a no brainer “Yerp”.

Jakob Helleis
DOC #AA-1134

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