Jennifer Warren

The Magical Life, by Jennifer Warren

Visualization is often an important part of both personal and worldly transformation. It is, after all, the bridge between the unreal and the real. We all like to think we are good visualizers, don’t we? But, as with all things, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and there is always room for improvement. Here are some exercises I have developed to help us begin to improve our powers of visualization:


1)Place a lit candle or an image of one (from a magazine,greeting card,etc) in front of you. Note: you may find playing soothing music during this exercise will calm you and mask any distracting sounds that might occur.

2)Glance at this image for long enough to hold it in your mind, but not so long that you see ghosts of it when you shut your eyes.

3)With the eyes closed, try to see the candle and flame as if the eyes were still open. If you find that you cannot, open your eyes and try again.

4)See how long you can hold the image of the candle in the mind. Does the image become distorted, grow larger or change color on you? That’s okay. Simply open the eyes and try again.

5) When you can hold the image solidly for several minutes with the eyes closed, begin to manipulate it if you can. Change the color of the flame to green or blue. Make the flame grow in size. Finally, blow it out, seeing and smelling the curling smoke if possible.

Repeat this same exercise for several days at least. When it gets to the point where you are successful every time, you can begin to experiment with more complicated images. There are Tibetan monks that can hold intricate mandalas in their minds for hours at a time while sitting in meditation. So don’t imagine that there is ever an end to what you can achieve with visualization.

Good luck with all of your endeavors and continue to walk the blessed ways!

Jennifer Warren
DOC #WF1092

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