Eric Bell

THE JOY RIDE, by Eric Bell

The year was 1996 in the month of January. Me and Landon was joy riding in a stolen car on the westside of Dayton Oh. I was in the passengers seat and Ladon was driving when we noticed Muhammad coming from his aunts house who stayed on McCall ave. Ladon honked the horn and yell out the window (WHAT’S UP MUHAMMAD ), (WANT A RIDE)? Muhammad said (YEAH) and ran toward the car. Muhammad looked mad about something. I asked him from the passenger side window what was wrong. Muhammad said that he was robbed at gun point a couple of nights ago at a house party across the tracks. I said (Damn) (you ok)? Muhammad said (HELL NAW. I’M LOOKIN FOR THAT NI££A). Landon was like (Sh**, let’s ride around and see if we see that ni££a who did it). Muhammad said (bet), so Muhammad gets in. Ladon drives a little ways down McCall ave to Roscoes house. Ladon park the car in back of roscoes house never turning the engine off because the stirring column was mangled. Ladon gets out the car and goes up to the back door of roscoes house starts knocking on the door. Roscoe opens the door. ladon and Roscoe have a conversation in the door way before stepping inside the house. A few minutes went by then Roscoe and Ladon came out the house and both got into the car. Roscoe and Muhammad are both in the back seats. Ladon puts the car in reverse then put it in drive know we are back on McCall ave. Ladon drives back up McCall where him and I first picked Muhammad up. While riding back up McCall Muhammad spots a man walking up McCall and said (LADON TURN THE CAR AROUND) at this time we drove past the man walking up McCall. Ladon said, (Why). Muhammad said, (DUDE LOOKS LIKE THE GUY WHO ROBBED ME). I turned around in the passengers seat to look at Muhammad in his face while trying to get a look at the dude we just past and ask are you sure that’s dude. Muhammad never answered me because I was very soft spoken and I notice him pull out a shot gun. I said, ( DAMN), ( WHAT YOU GOT THAT FOR). I wasn’t soft spoken anymore. Muhammad was screaming, (STOP THE CAR “L”). I was screaming at Muhammad telling him to put the gun away. At this time Ladon stopped the car. I was still talking to Muhammad about not doing anything stupid. Roscoe was telling Muhammad to put the gun away to. I told Muhammad I think I know dude. Let me go talk to him and see what’s up. The man was standing there wondering why this car had stopped a few yards from him with the headlights on high beam. (((Note: When popping the pin from the stirring column which is located in the blinker box. When done wrong your headlights are stuck on high beam))). So, I get out from the passengers side and walk toward the dude and almost instantly notice it was Robert. “I know this dude” and felt totally relieved that nothing stupid has to happen tonight. I continued to walk toward Rob, that’s what people called him in my neighborhood. Rob said, (WHAT’S UP YOUNG “E”). and you can tell by the way he said what’s up that he was relieved also that nothing stupid was about to happen. I said, (nothin). I told him that Muhammad was trippin. He thought that you robbed him a couple nights ago. (((Before Rob could respond to what I had said))). I heard a gun blast come from behind me. I turn around to see that Muhammad had gotten out of the car and was holding a shot gun. I turned back to Rob. He was on the ground and he wasn’t moving. There was blood everywhere. I said, (WHAT ARE YOU DOING). I ran as fast as I could away from what just happened. Roscoe ran back to his house. Ladon and Muhammad drove off fast. I ran to a friends house and a couple hours later Ladon and Muhammad came over my friends house. Eric 16yrs old, Muhammad 16yrs old, Ladon 14yrs old, Roscoe 12yrs old. Was brought in for questioning by Homicide Detectives. After the investigations. Ladon and Muhammad was charged with aggravated murder aggravated robbery. Roscoe wasn’t charged with anything, because he called 911 and he stayed at the scene. Eric was charged with Involuntary manslaughter and aggravated robbery. 90 days later. Eric and Muhammad was sent to stand trial as adults and Ladon did until he was 21 in a Juvenile Detention Center. After Eric and Muhammad was placed in the county jail more inditements was handed down by prosecutors insuring that Muhammad and Eric do a long time behind bars. Prosecutors even got the grand jury to raise Eric’s charge to aggravated murder and aggravated robbery. Still I sit here today being held accountable for a poor decision I made as a kid. Children only do what they see adults do. If you want children to act like children put them around children. I’m guilty of my crime, because I had poor taste in friends.

Eric D Bell #339280
P.O. Box 56
Lebanon Oh. 45036

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