Jamar Myers

I Need To Escape, by Jamar Myers

Sometimes I feel like I’m being strangled to death with a noose around my neck. In call it Black genocide

The police said “because I was in the area where a crime was just committed I was considered suspicious. So I guess that means a Black man is not safe anywhere outside of his home huh?

The judge said “because of my RACIAL MAKE-UP I was considered suspicious.” So I said “How can one be considered suspicious with no evidence of a crime? This is our judicial system, and this is only one of the many struggles of being a Black man in America.

I wanna escape this world of tribulations, and inequality.
I wanna fly high, so high I need a oxygen mask just to breathe. I call it higher elevation.
I wanna elevate my mind with the TRUE Knowledge and Wisdom.
I wanna elevate my soul with spirituality.
I wanna elevate my body with sexual stimulation, but all I have are these magazines of Phat Puffs, BBO, and Instagram models

I just wanna escape.

To contact me by email download the JPAY App and set up an account and add me. To add me all you need is my sbi# 000830254-C, Check out my other blogs/thoughts and poems as well on this site, and on my Facebook post: JamarMyersThaAuthor

Jamar Myers
DOC #000830254-C

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