Adam Hudson

Good Moods & Vibes, by Adam Hudson

Being in prison is very easy for a person to become discouraged because your surrounded by so much hate and its like they say, “misery loves company.” Nobody wants to see you do good or at least better than them, so they do all they can to bring you down.
I have allowed that to happen to me enough. Today I start living my life for a better tomorrow, for a better future.
I know it may seem crazy, but I believe that the lord has put me here for a reason. And saying that I have to tell the story behind that. So if you got time….I invite you to sit for a few minutes and read the next blogg called ” praying for help.” This will be a very interesting story. But for now that is all I have. Have a good day my readers and God Bless

Adam Hudson #737-672
P.O Box 45699
Lucasville, Oh. 45699

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