Archie Wilder

SUNSHINE, by Archie Wilder

Sunshine is vital to all life on earth. Without it we wouldn’t enjoy the things that we take for granite. When you are sitting in darkness you really miss sunshine.I’ve been seeing a total eclipse for some time now. I really do miss the sun. I don’t know if I’ll ever see the sun again. I hope so. I use to enjoy watching the sun, it is such a beautiful sight. I could never get tired of seeing it.Just the sight of it changes my whole mood. Everyday I watch the horizon with the hopes of seeing the sun again. Sometimes I get discouraged, you know the old saying: a watched pot never boils.But I have hope. If the sun could hear me, just let me know that your still their and shine on me.I remember better days when you shined on me regularly. I haven’t seen you in so long that a portion of that would make me smile.I hope the sun understands how important they are to me.But even if I never feel the heat of your rays,or see the brightness of your light again, thoughts of you help me through these dark times. NO MATTER WHAT, YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN BY ME.

Archie Wilder #414-917
A.C.I. BOX 4501
LIMA, OHIO 45801

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  1. Just wanted to say this is a nice sentiment. That u could have someone mean so much to u even though u dont see them anymore. Dont find that to much anymore. Comparing to the sun is a nice gesture as well. Hope u are able to see ur sun again sometime….


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