Cody Besch

Fishing Time, by Cody Besch

Into the wonder, I wish to go,
missing the years, of my younger known.
The nice cool waters, I’ll sink my hook,
wishing a catch, that’ll make the books.
I’ll feel on top, as the sun shines down,
Just as a king, wearing his crown.
A cool breeze blowing, for the weather’s right,
I’ll fish all day, perhaps in the night.
Whether an ocean or river, I’ll be at peace,
a pond or a lake, even scattered creeks.
From water or bank, I’m good either way,
a cast from wherever, it’ll all be the same.
All of my problems, I’ll leave ’em behind,
I’ll put ’em aside, it’s fishing time.

Cody Besch
DOC #1771920

Categories: Cody Besch, poems

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