DESTINY, by Sean Brown

We’re not promised tomorrow, We’re barely promised Today,
Yet the future’s shaped by every Thought, Action, & Word We say.
The Present Moment is all We got so Our Destinies are Right Now,
Time’s relative to perception, what We choose to do, & how.
See, Our decisions are the #1 factor for everything We experience,
From the major life-altering options taken, to the seemingly trivial & teeniest.
Our Principles are Our flags so they should reflect Our Souls’ Sun,
Because it’s not so much what’s said, but what Our Thoughts revolve around, that shape what We become.
A Life’s sum results from every Reason, Intention, & Purpose,
So We can either be products of environment & circumstance, or live Our lives decidedly Curseless.
It’s up to Us individually & Collectively as a Whole,
1 GOD, 1 Aim, 1 Destiny,…1 Spirit, Body, & Soul
Sparking a whole new Vision.
The average view of what’s expected can be a boxed-in definition holding ambition within the framework of a cage with narrow limits.
We get to pave the path to Our Destinies, & how great is that???
Yes, We create Our own tomorrow’s, now how scary is that???
It’s no one else’s fault & it’s not anyone else’s Victory,
Salvation is personal & the Present Moment stands on history.
The Artist is in-fact the Artwork, every brush stroke, every chisel of stone,
Every word, every scene, every mold of clay formed.
They all tell the Story or Self ‘cuz We are what We Create,
And that’s the difference between Destiny & the theory of blind fate!

DOC #1083630

Categories: poems, Sean Brown

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