Darryl Hammond

by Darryl Hammond

Being incarcerated in Louisiana is sad,because it’s slavery all over again.I understand that people that breaks the law must be punished for their actions,but sometimes people be put in situations where they make bad choices and mistakes.So my thing is when you’re incarcerated you’re suppose to get the help you need and be able to rehabilitate yourself,where you’re able to get help for addictions,mental health problems.you’re also able to get an education and vocational training.So my story is yes I committed a crime 25years ago,and as of today I’m still paying the price of a broken system here in Louisiana that’s silll up under the Napoleon Laws of the 1800.During my years of incarceration I’ve completed so many programs to become a better person but the system still holds a grudge against me due to my charge was attempted murder of a polioce officer but no one was shot or injured.Now everytime I go up for parole right before that date the people here finds a cause to write me up knowing it will get me denied.But I constantly keep pushing trying to stay focus and do things that willl help me in case I do regain my freedom.So I was going to Vo-Tech School,where I was approved a grant from the Federral Government to go to a 18month course to be a combination welder,after 14months I was fast tracked through the program given false credit and grades to show on paperwork that I had completed the program but any welder knows that you must complete 5g and 6g TIg on your final test and weidling test to have passed Stick,Mig,and Tig to be a combiantion welder.As of today I don’t know how to even turn on The Tig machine or the first step of Tig,so how can I have the credidentials of being a combination welder.Now I really see why so many people get’s out of prison and return because they was denied to opportunity of really preparing themselves for society.So I filed on this matter and now I’m on the blacklist and being blackedballed because I chose to speak up.The fu nny part of the matter is if I break one of the rules I will be severely punished but if they break the law it’s being swept under the rug.I always thought embezzlement and frauding the Federal Government was illegal,and I’m constantly seein Felicity Huffman,and Loro Loughlin on the news about the college admission where they are goiong to prison for their actions buthow it doesn’t apply to people here in Louisiana and honestly I’ve been trying to reach out to society about this matter but I’m pretty sure all of it is being Blocked.So now I sit here wondering what’s next will my life be taken and it be said it was a suicide or will the system keep playing their games where I’ll never get a chance t oregain my freedom and die in prison. Desperately seeking answers to my situation or answers to this. Thank you for your time and understanding,

Darryl Hammond #313890
Cajun 3-R.L.C.C.
1630 prison road

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