James DeWitt

Thanks For Your Support, by James Dewitt

I really want to say THANK YOU for all the support that you render my way. It really feels strengthening when you know that the cares of others are directed towards you. I feel your love and your honest cares. I thank God for sending representatives of His Love to me. I recognize His works from the eyes of a Believer. I want to share the understanding with everyone that He is still in the Blessing Business. He has an appointed time to bring you before every provision that He’s got for you. We must show Him through our actions that we Believer in Him and in His ability to meet us on time. Never (or try your best not to) waiver in your faith of Him. I stand here to tell you that I have been shown His Mighty Timing. It comes when He says it will come. I had to learn still to humble my expectations to meet His timing. Trust Him beyond what’s happening and you to will see that He’s ALWAYS in control. And that He’s the World’s Greatest Father….

James Dewitt
DOC #1007872

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