Sean Brown


Purpose & Intention are the keys to Achievement of any kind. The intention (concentration & focus) of Our Thoughts direct Our purpose. So, We have to know what it is We’re trying to achieve. Every thought that We give energy to, every word We speak, every action taken should be done with intent, for a purpose. If We take the time to contemplate this while We’re dwelling on matters & before We speak/act, imagine how that will change Our lives. When We’re doing what We’re supposed to do & trusting GOD to take care of the details, there’s no reason to stress or worry. This is how We can live each day with optimistic expectancy, knowing that every experience is for Our benefit (either as a Blessing or a lesson learned).
Let’s Love Life every day & approach each day Grateful for what’s to come b/c if We’re not going to do that, then what’s the point??!

DOC #1083630

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