Damion Mitchell

Introduction Blog, by Damion Mitchell

hey my name is Damion L Mitchell inmate # 689656. I’m 29 year old im black about 6”4 250 ponuds. I was born in Florida, but move to Ohio when i was 22 years old. I have 2 kids, a draught that’s 13 years olds, and son thst’s 9 years old. I’m doing 17 years sentence, i been locked up since 3/11/2013 and well be release 4/16/30 . I have about 9 years left befor i get walk out these gates. Everyday i try to work on better my self and move forward to a better future. I write short story and draw and shot tattoo to pass time. To be honest i try to find ways to get my mind out these gates. I just hope that my words my touch someone. plus free a part of me to the world by telling then who i am.

Damon L Mitchell
DOC #a689656

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