Bobby Irelan

Air is Free, by Bobby Irelan

I saved it because I wanted to tell you about the ritual that I do.. you know there’s not really a right thing to say really, we both know that being togethernis the real need.. sometimes though, when I write weird philosophical ideas of life, I just like to hear how they resonate within you, or the thought they provoke.. I do know that you are under the weather at the moment.. I’m just talking about future.. like sometimes you get into this zone where you act like I am speaking in a way you don’t understand or something, but really that’s not the case.. it just isn’t.. you know I’ve had this thing on my mind the last few days about how knowledge has somehow become this trivial attainment, and how ppl really can’t be bothered to approach knowledge if it takes any work on their part.. ppl want to be given facts so that they can just eat it and believe it is knowledge.. but it is nothing. One does not attain knowledge by believing this or that is a fact.. knowledge is a creative process, a living inheritance that cannot be had unless a certain maturity of soul has been reached.. facts can be given to children with the same words by the same mouth that can feed them fantasy.. Knowledge can only be attained individually.. Through interaction with Thoughts.. and its for this reason that I share thoughts with my loved ones.. to provide an impulse toward knowledge.. towards truth.. towards growth. but one must process the thoughts as a plant processes light and air and water, pulling the carbon from CO2, pulling the hydrogen from the h2o, and creating a carbohydrate sugar that becomes the food of its inner life as it is heated by the warmth of the ever shining Sun.. the oxygen is free, but the process by which it is made free is a living one that is overlooked and undervalued.. Knowledge is the processed substance that must be transformed by each being individually– though facts are free.. Nietzsche preached a ‘revaluation of values.’ I stand behind his worm throne..
srry, I know you might feel like I am getting onto you, I hope not.. I was talking about something I’ve been thinking about– not directed at you.. but at the world.. please release any self defense..

BOBBY Irelan
DOC #F-59719

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