Tommie Forster

THE SCIENCE OF LIFE, by Tommie Forster

Every mind has a thought. Every thought has a action. Every action has a reaction. The thought and reaction are the act of creation. All that we see, hear, taste, feel and smell; the universe itself – is but the reaction of a thought. That thought comes from and has its origin in Man. Mans purpose for creating is for his creation to challenge his will and ability to balance his thoughts to give life to Man. Man himself is life, therefore, the first law of man is Self-Preservation.
Man preserves himself in many ways – we call this process science. Science means knowledge and is the process by which Man examines nature in relation to himself. This is done through many studies such as Mathematics, Biology (study of life), Chemistry, Astrology, etc. All these sciences relate back to 1 life – Man. Man uses the study of his environment to gain knowledge of himself because Man is but the Microcosm (smaller universe) in the Macrocosm (larger universe).
The universe is composed of the Sun, Moon and Stars and these celestial (heavenly) bodies are made of protons, electrons, and neutrons (ATOMS). Atoms are the foundation of matter and they make up cells which are the foundation of life on the biological scale. Cells posses the Y-Chromosome (Man), X-Chromosome (Woman), and the XY and Xx (Child). The Blackman Woman and child literally have every element of the universe within their body, which is why they are the Sun, Moon and Star At its highest Manifestation of Life.
The Sun, Moon and Star react and reflect the Divine Law of Nature – This Law and Order is Mathematics. This is why through the study of Nature Man can use mathematics to understand every aspect of the Universe. Nature is Creation (Man) which is why only Man has the ability to go against his own Nature (creation). Within the divine nature of Mans thoughts is Law and Order. This Law and Order is understood by Man as “Supreme Mathematics”; this is Man in his Original Supreme (Most highest) State – God
Supreme Mathematics are the principles by which man takes his thoughts from 1-9 add a 0 then back to 1; in a more understood Language, Supreme Mathematics, man takes his thoughts from Knowledge to Born add a Cipher then back to Knowledge. Through this process man creates himself and his outer environment (the entire universe), from the womb to the tomb, all from 1 thought. This is the The Science Of Life.

Proper Education Always Corrects Errors!!

Tommie Forster #1403251
Nottoway Correctional Center
P.O. Box 488
Burkeville, VA 23922

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