James DeWitt

The Gift Of Each Day, by James Dewitt

I woke up early in the morning with these words ringing in my mind. They outline how sometime we overlook the very first gift we receive each day by focusing on other things that we desire and pray to God for. Hope you feel the message in the words.

You woke today because God gave you His Breath.
If you receive anything else today you should know that you’ve been blessed.
While todays challenges may present themselves tough.
If all you get today is LIFE, that should be enough.

I am moved to say this each morning as I head off into my day. I want to remember that he has provided me with everything that I need to get through this day. I look for God to move in His time with the request that I present before Him, and not in my time. Conditioning the mind to think this way makes it fertile ground for His Word to reign and give patience to an otherwise expectant mind.

James Dewitt
DOC #1007872

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